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"The Internet will never catch on..."

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Due to increasing demand for a powerful internet presence, every business owner understands the need to not only have a web site, but to be ever vigilant to keep their style and messaging fresh and relevant to their market.

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From “The Internet? Bah!” by Clifford Stoll in a Newsweek Magazine article, from Feb 26, 1995:

“Then there’s cyberbusiness. We’re promised instant catalog shopping–just point and click for great deals. We’ll order airline tickets over the network, make restaurant reservations and negotiate sales contracts. Stores will become obselete (sic). So how come my local mall does more business in an afternoon than the entire Internet handles in a month? Even if there were a trustworthy way to send money over the Internet–which there isn’t–the network is missing a most essential ingredient of capitalism: salespeople.” (Read the full article: The Internet? Bah!)

We all know Clifford threw an air-ball on this one. (Great follow-up article: Newsweek in 1995: Why the Internet will Fail. 27th February 2010 by ) So, if you find yourself using the internet at all, you are probably already aware of the need to be competitive in Web Marketing strategies, including web site design, search engine optimization and search marketing, online (PPC or CPC) ads, social media marketing and design, email marketing templates…are you overwhelmed yet?

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