Ad Design: Insurance Co.

  • Graphic Design Project:
    Magazine Ad Designs
  • Graphic Design Skills:
    Photoshop, InDesign
  • Client:
    The Crockett Insurance Group
  • Client Location:
    Vero Beach, FL
  • Client Website:

If I said this was one of my favorite clients, you’d probably catch that I say this about ALL my clients! But, I guess, for better or worse, Jim and Helen Crockett, of The Crockett Group Insurance of Vero Beach, Florida at least have the distinction of having stuck with me the longest over the past 25 years! I’ve known them longer that I’ve been married!

Over those years, I’ve designed award-winning gift citrus brochures and catalogs while Jim was the marketing manager at Kennedy Groves, Vero Beach, FL. I created numerous corrugated cardboard shipping box designs, printed on “flexographic” presses, for United Citrus Packers and Premier Citrus Packers, also in Vero Beach, FL.

When Jim and Helen needed upscale magazine ad design and a trade show banner design for their insurance company, I was honored that they got back in touch with me to help them, though I had moved to Longmont, Colorado years before. It remains my distinct privilege to work with and for this quality company, using my experience in marketing and skills as a graphic designer to provide graphic design services for all their marketing needs…now also including their new WordPress website design and search engine optimization services, launching late April 2012.

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